Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Helping reduce time-to-market and operational risks during new product launch or entry into new geographies

Travel and tourism is an industry that is highly sensitive to customer satisfaction, meaning that service quality is of utmost importance for any business working in this this industry. The industry is also highly competitive, which is why minimizing operational costs and retaining scalability are highly important, as it allows businesses from this industry to remain competitive and ensure business growth. Having worked with businesses from the travel and tourism industry for over 13 years, ALBI Global Services has managed to established a reputation for excellent BPO service quality and an ability to provide highly flexible and scalable outsourcing services with outstanding cost-performance ratios.

Tourism is a global phenomenon with an incomprehensibly massive infrastructure. Its importance is evident from its all-pervasive influence on society, politics, and culture and, above all, economy. The demand for tourism defines tourism-related business decisions; the demand, in turn, it is affected by general changes in consumer attitudes and changes in the tourism industry itself. While companies and governments, tour operators, hotels, airlines, and leisure facility providers are all interested in the demand for their products by tourists, there are a number of issues that constrain the industry’s growth

ALBI upholds a unique business approach that involves provision of tailor-made services on a partner-to-partner basis. This approach implies the establishment of mutual trust and complete process transparency, which is of great value for businesses looking to outsource their services, as it enables them to focus on their core competencies while ALBI handles various support processes, ranging from customer service and call centres to data entry and back office services. Furthermore, all provided services can be custom made to meet the requirements of even the most demanding companies that have a well-established reputation for excellence and professionalism.

Customer experience impacts your brand, especially during crises. Our suite of complementary services and technology provide high impact, end-to-end concierge customer care. White glove services span customer life cycle management include: omni-channel optimization, multi-language/geo customer and loyalty programs, refunds/claims, social listening/engagement, journey mapping and consulting, voice of customer (VoC) analytics, and self-serve and IVR automation.

With the global demand for travel, transportation and hospitality services skyrocketing, the industry has to keep up with the growing customer expectations both online and off it. For that companies must create new business models that satisfy the customers while being cost effective. The models must also adhere to stricter environmental regulations, talent management and the company’s need for entering new markets.

ALBI has already earned a name for custom, scalable customer service and business process solutions that helps major players in travel, transportation and hospitality industry in building strong customer relationships, adopting the latest technologies, improving operational efficiencies and entering new markets. As our solutions are based on our domain expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art technologies, they help our clients ace any challenges that come their way.